Christopher Copeland
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Birthday: 1963
Age: 30 (died with)
42 (would have been in Smoke and Fire)
Occupation(s): Doctor
Aliases: Doctor Christopher Copeland
Family & Friends
Family: Kathy Harding (ex-wife)
Will Copeland (son)
Toby Copeland (son)
Dustin Copeland (son)
Cody Copeland (son)
Olivia Copeland (daughter)
Tiffany Ridgewood (daugther)
Thomas Copeland (son)
Promise Copeland (granddaughter)
Relationships: Kathy Harding (ex-wife)
Isla Ridgewood (ex-affair)
Friends: Christopher Brown (best friend)
Personal Information
Education: unnamed college
Production Information
Appearances: My New Family (mentioned)
Smoke and Fire (in Olivia's dream)
"Christopher Copeland" is a character in "My New Family"