"Keena Ashcroft" is a character in the My New Family Series. She is the youngest daughter of Promise and Jesse Ashcroft as well as the younger sister of Danielle, Ritter and Nik.



Introducing Keena Ashcroft (Evermore) - Come & Get It

Introducing Keena Ashcroft (Evermore) - Come & Get It

At first Keena seems introverted and scared with a hard time to find friends of her own. Later on when she and Nik are in a fight, she becomes more confident and independent. Keena starts to become herself, let's her British accent shine through and even allows herself to fall in love.

Keena is pretty stubborn.

Physical Appearance

Keena has long brown hair with she often wears straight and sometimes curly. Later on she dyes her hair blonde. She also has brown eyes, just like her parents. She usually wears simple tops and bright ripped jeans. Sometimes she wears fancy dresses and likes to dress up. Other times she rather wears sport clothes like a pair of pants and a sports bra.


Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Keena is able to stay calm in stressful situations




Nik Ashcroft (twin sister)

Ritter Ashcroft (older sister)

Danielle Bailey (older maternal half sister)

Promise Ashcroft (mother)

Jesse Ashcroft (father) 

Lennon Germaine (maternal aunt)

Lennon is like a second mother for Keena, while Keena is like a second daughter to Lennon. Due to their close relationship, Keena wants Lennon to deliver her first child

Lars Harper (maternal uncle)

When Keena needs help because of Parker View Hospital and her parents aren't allowed to know, she asks Lars, because she knows he and her mom don't talk anymore. After a lot of convincing Lars agrees to help her.


Zed Harrington (ex-boyfriend

Lily-Sophia Muss (girlfriend)

Liz Tate

Josh Mercardo


Ayla Delgardo-Moss (best friend)

Billy Edwards (best friend)

Keena and Billy are best friends for a long time. Billy used to be Keena's second best friend until she had a fight with her best friend. The two of them started growing apart, but when Keena needed him, he was there for her and the two grew closer again. Billy is also the first person Keena comes out to.

Riva Lambert (close friend)

Freya Harrison (best friend)

Frankie Yates 

Saskia Rybicki (close friend)

Anna Burgess 

Mallory Banks



The name Keena means brave

Ever is a girl's name meaning ever/always, it also seems to have ties to a Scandinavian name meaning "wild as a boar" and a Hebrew name meaning "beyond,"

The name Ashcroft is part of the ancient legacy of the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is a product of when the family lived in Norfolk. Ashcroft means the dweller in the croft where the ash trees grow.


  • She dips her brownies into hot chocolates
  • She starts speaking in an American/British accent when she's around a guy she's fancying
    • By now she doesn't control her accent anymore and just talks the way she wants
  • Her second name is part of the book title