Promise Ashcroft
Promise Clary Copeland
General Information
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: September 2016
Age: Birth (Smoke and Fire)
3 (The Ex Game)
15-16-17 (I Promise You)
38 (Evermore)
Height: 5'3″
Resides in: Morrison Creek
London, United Kingdom, Europe (for 3 months)
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Promise Clarissa Copeland (full name)
Prom (by everybody)
Clary (by herself and everybody)
Incest Child (by Jesse)
Fray (MyBlog Identity)
Denise (by Matt Dashcoff)
Family & Friends
Family: Olivia Copeland (mother)
Ryder Harding (father)
Copeland-Harding Family
Copeland Family
Harding Family
Danielle Bailey (daughter; given up for adoption)
Ritter Ashcroft (daughter)
Nik Ashcroft (daughter)
Keena Ashcroft (daughter)
Relationships: Lars Harper (ex-boyfriend; half-brother)
Jesse Ashcroft (husband; 3 children)
Alden Adams (ex-fling)
Jake Abrahams (ex-boyfriend; 1 child)
David Bailey (ex-boyfriend)
Alex Smith (ex-boyfriend)
Peyton Harris (ex-boyfriend)
Friends: Evie Baker (best friend)
Veronica Baker (best friend)
Henry Lawrence
Phoebe Lewis (best friend)
Poppy Lewis
Hanna Mishoff
Jonah Harrison
Hollis Jones
Mike Murphy-Ortega
Roommate(s): Olivia Copeland (former)
Phoebe Lewis and Poppy Lewis (formerly)
Keeley Fitzgerald (former)
Affiliations: MyBlog
We Are One
Enemies: Tiffany Ridgewood (former)
Lennon Germaine (former)
Jesse Ashcroft (former)
Cindra Hunter (former)
Personal Information
Interests: Gymnastics
Clique: Three Musketeers
Famous Four
Promise's Clique
Education: Jefferson High School (graduated)
Ashwood Academy (for 3 months)
Talent: Singing
Strengths: confidence
Weaknesses: Jesse Ashcroft
Production Information
Appearances: Smoke and Fire
The Ex Game
I Promise You
Portrayer: Paris Berelc
"Promise Ashcroft (neé Copeland)" is a character in "My New Family"


Promise has parts of her mom and her dad. She is sometimes rude, even if she doesn't mean to. She also can be sassy, but also totally nice and friendly and polite. She can also be something like a troublemaker, but would never hurt anyone. She is a good student and pretty smart for her age, which had already shown when she was a kid. She is totally confident and not afraid to embarrass herself in front of others. She is also protective of her family and defends her parents on a daily basis.


Physical Appearance

She has her mother's brown hair and eyes. She has a bit darker skin than her mom, which she has probably inheritated from her maternal grandpa. She is 5'3" tall. Her hair is brown with some blond highlights. She has a pretty casual style which she sometimes pulls into the edgy direction.

Strengths and Weaknesses


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Evie Baker (best friend/half-sister)

Veronica Baker (best friend/half-sister)

Miriam Copeland (best friend/cousin)

Jaden Copeland (close friend/cousin)

Lars Harper (ex-boyfriend/half-brother)

Jesse Ashcroft (frenemy/boyfriend)

Lennon Germaine (enemy/half-sister)


Phoebe Lewis (best friend/like sister)

Poppy Lewis (best friend)


Jesse Ashcroft (husband; 3 children)

Alex Smith (ex-boyfriend)

Peyton Harris (ex-boyfriend)

David Bailey (ex-boyfriend)

Jake Abrahams (ex-boyfriend)

Jake and Promise met the day she first arrived in England. He offered to help her with her suitcases. Short time later she found out that Jake is the boyfriend of the host sister, later ex-boyfriend. When Jake asked her out, she wasn't sure if she should go or not, but when Poppy said it's okay, she said yes.

Lars Harper (ex-boyfriend)

Alden Adams (ex-fling)

Romantic Relationships

Alden Adams (ex-fling)

  • Break-Up Reason: "Alden disappeared without a warning and Promise moved on"

Lars Harper (ex-boyfriend)

  • Break-Up Reason: "Promise found out that Lars is her half-brother"

Jake Abrahams (ex-boyfriend; 1 child)

  • Break-Up Reason: "Promise didn't want to continue the long distance relationship and didn't want him to find out that she was pregnant with his child"

David Bailey (ex-boyfriend)

  • Break-Up Reason: "Her parents found out about their relationship and made her break up with him because of the huge age difference"

Peyton Harris (ex-boyfriend)

  • Break-Up Reason: "She chose Jesse over him"

Alex Smith (ex-boyfriend)

  • Break-Up Reason: "Her feelings weren't strong enough to continue the relationship"

Jesse Ashcroft (husband, 3 children)


  • Her two favorite Barbie dolls are Lottie and Clover
  • She lost her viginity to Jake in Paris, France on their one month anniversary
  • Not many people knew about her pregnancy
  • She gave her daughter Danielle up for adoption
  • She pretended to be called Mia and she was an adult while dating David, so he won't figure out that she is actually Danielle's birth mother
  • Her favorite show as a kid was Miraculous


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