Ryder Harding
Ryder Harding
General Information
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: 1998
Age: 16 (My New Family)
17 (Smoke and Fire)
20 (The Ex Game)
32 (I Promise You)
Height: 6'2"
Occupation(s): Student
Aliases: Player
Family & Friends
Family: Morgan Harding (father)
Alison Harding (mother; deceased)
Marc Martin (uncle; deceased)
Andy Harding (brother)
Benny Harding (brother)
Luke Harding (brother)
Will Copeland (step-brother)
Toby Copeland (step-brother)
Dustin Copeland (step-brother)
Cody Copeland (step-brother)
Olivia Copeland (step-sister)
Thomas Copeland (step-brother)
Brandon Fitzgerald (son)
Cindra Hunter (daughter)
Lars Harper (son)
Lennon Germaine (daughter)
Evie Baker(daughter)
Veronica Baker (daughter)
Promise Copeland (daughter)
Caleb Harding (son)
Relationships: Olivia Copeland (wife; 2 children)
Tiffany Ridgewood (ex-girlfriend)
Reese Ortega (fake ex-girlfriend)
Eliza Fitzgerald (ex-girlfriend; 1 son)
Jasmine Hunter (ex-girlfriend; 1 daughter)
Katherine Harper (ex-girlfriend; 1 son)
Lily Germaine (ex-girlfriend; 1 daughter)
Monica Baker (ex-girlfriend; 2 daughters)
unnamed ex-girlfriends
Friends: Asher
Fabian Fitzgerald
Affiliations: Rudy's Boxing Club
Enemies: Tiffany Ridgewood
Personal Information
Interests: Music (secretly), Olivia, Boxing
Clique: Asher, Cris, Fabian Fitzgerald
Education: Jefferson High School
Talent: singing,
Strengths: flirting, confidence
Weaknesses: feelings,
Production Information
Appearances: My New Family
Smoke and Fire
The Ex Game
I Promise You
Portrayer: Shane Harper
"Ryder Harding" is a character in "My New Family"


Ryder appeared to be a bad boy and a bully, not stopping to torture his favorite victim and keeps pulling the family into trouble. As the story goes on you can see him become a little more mature, but then taking steps back and causes trouble again. After he and Olivia started dating, you can't see much of his player past and he tries to be a real, caring boyfriend.


Physical Appearance

Strengths and Weaknesses


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Romantic Relationships

Olivia Copeland (wife; 2 children)

First Relationship

  • Break-Up Reason: "Tiffany blackmailed Ryder into breaking up with her"

Second Relationship

  • Break-Up Reason: "Olivia found out that Ryder was the one that put the alcohol into the drinks"

Third Relationship

  • Break-Up Reason: "He cheated on her"

Fourth Relationship

Eliza Fitzgerald (ex-girlfriend; 1 child)

  • Break-Up Reason: "TBA"

Jamine Hunter (ex-girlfriend; 1 child)

  • Break-Up Reason: "TBA"

Katherine Harper (ex-girlfriend; 1 child)

  • Break-Up Reason: "TBA"

Lily Germaine (ex-girlfriend; 1 child)

  • Break-Up Reason: "TBA"

Moncia Baker (ex-girlfriend; 2 children)

  • Break-Up Reason: "He cheated on her"

Tiffany Ridgewood (ex-girlfriend)

  • Break-Up Reason: "Ryder and his family moved away"


  • He used to bully Olivia
  • After all this years he couldn't forget about his ex Joey, who turned out to be Olivia
  • His instagram is @womanizeryder
  • He has a matching tattoo with his wife Olivia


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